Your space

Welcome to Chico, your new home

First off, welcome. We mean that.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t matter because you’re a student and just here for a few years. Most Chicoans appreciate the students, and not just for the money they spend here. You bring an energy and culture to the community that wouldn’t exist without Chico State University and Butte College. Plus, we can’t count the number of people who came here as students and ended up liking Chico so much they couldn’t leave, even if it means lower wages and relative isolation from big-city life.

You’ve probably heard things about Chico—most good, some bad. But you picked Chico as your new home for a reason, and whether that reason is a great program for your major or a raging nightlife, you’ll soon find there’s much more to this small city of about 100,000. When your friends and relatives come to town, you’ll find yourself showing off Bidwell Park, Chico’s tree-lined streets and the other examples of natural beauty the area has to offer. No one thinks you should spend all your time studying.

You’re holding in your hands a special annual publication of the Chico News & Review, the alternative newsweekly that brings you the best news and entertainment coverage for free each Thursday. Inside Goin’ Chico, we bring you stories designed for the newcomer, particularly the new student. Stories about things to do, people to know and advice culled from years of experience. We don’t want you to lose that security deposit, miss out on the best bands or spend too much for a burrito.

But, most important, get involved. Vote. Volunteer. Become a part of the greater Chico community.

Please read on, and then enjoy your new life in Chico.

Welcome to Chico An introduction to your new hometown from the Chico News & Review.

What’s in a name?
Chico State students tromp and in out of them every day, but who are the people behind buildings with names such as Holt, Meriam, Kendall and Laxson?

Who to know
This is your place, and these are your peeps: a handful of VIPs on the Chico State campus.

Where to know
OK, you know the peeps. Now get to know the important places on campus.

It ain’t trivial
Learn more about your new home through our fun, interactive, award-winning, giant-slaying trivia quiz.

Get over it already
Yeah, yeah, “party school.” We bust the myths and cop to the truths.

Butte kicks butt
Not just the other school, the local community college is the place to get a solid, affordable education

Yeah, we rock…
… and indie and punk and even metal. Here’s your cheat-sheet on Chico’s top bands.

Where’s the show?
Chico has its share of entertainment venues. We map out where you can catch local and traveling bands, check out a play and enjoy the latest indie and Hollywood films.

Eat it up
Sure, you can grab a cheap hot dog or boil that Top Ramen. But for a few bucks and not much time, you can also whip up tasty homemade meals.

Managing property management
Read our tips on how to navigate the tricky world of renting, or you’ll be kicking yourself later. (Note: better to kick yourself than a wall, which will take big bucks out of your deposit.)

Why not buy local?
Yeah, why the hell not? Sure, there are plenty of corporations that will sell you stuff you need, but there are also plenty of family-owned options that will help the local economy.

Make a difference
Want to get involved? Here are some activist groups that are always seeking new members.

How embarrassing
We love Chico. But there are a few things that make us bury our heads in shame.