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It’s your Chico journey

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Whatever happens over the next few years, there will be stories to tell about your college journey. Thousands of new students come to Chico every year, and, while most will eat at the same pizza parlors and tube down the same section of river, every person’s path will be his or her own.

Each year, we here at the Chico News & Review bring together our resources and experience to assemble this Goin’ Chico guide as an introduction for new college students to this city that we love so much. This year, we’re making introductions by way of a handful of stories about locals who have gone before—from students who’ve stayed in town to those who’ve grown up here—as well as a few articles dispensing local knowledge that you can use to find your own way

As your school year unfolds, grab a copy of the free CN&R every Thursday to find out more about the people of Chico and the arts, music, politics, activism and fun in which they are involved—and find out where you want to go in your new city. The CN&R is your most comprehensive community resource, and we are committed to sharing Chico’s stories, yours included.