You are healed

Edie Fisher

Photo By Tom Gascoyne

Edie Fisher, a volunteer at downtown Chico’s Christian Science Reading Room, said her participation in the Church of Jesus Christ, Scientist has allowed her to lead a fulfilled life, free of strife and disease. The church was started in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy, who preached that humans are spiritual creatures who only get sick because Satan tricks them into believing they are sick. Fisher said she was cured of appendicitis through the prayer of a Christian Science practitioner.

What’s Christian Science all about?

Christian Science follows the teachings of Jesus. The textbook we use is Science and Health, the Key to the Scriptures, written by Mary Baker Eddy. It was discovered over 100 years ago.

Doesn’t Eddy believe that people don’t get sick, we just think we’re sick?

Oh no, we all have problems to meet and we feel that the way we go about meeting them is through prayer to God, as Jesus taught.

Does that work?

Yes. There have been many, many healings.

What if you just have a cold?

You would use the same thing for a cold as anything else. It’s not that we don’t believe in doctors, it’s just that we don’t rely on them. We use Christian Science practitioners. We rely on healing through prayer. If someone doesn’t feel like they want to use Christian Science it’s up to them.

Do you get many people in the Reading Room?

Some days we do.

Is it different than Scientology?

It is, it’s completely different. I can’t tell you the difference but I know it’s completely different. It’s a way of life.

Where does the science part come into it?

Science is the study of Christianity. It is a science because we demonstrate and use the same powers Jesus used to heal.

Do you put your hand on someone’s forehead or something?

No, we don’t use any handling or touching.

If God can heal you, then is it OK to smoke and do things that are bad for you?

No, no. There’s no desire for it. It doesn’t go along with the teachings of Jesus.

Didn’t he drink some wine now and then?

Well, I don’t know, it says he turned water into wine.

We don’t know if he drank it though…