X-23: Target X

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost; artwork by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback

The first 22 attempts to clone Wolverine were met with failure by the Weapon X Project due to the fractured X chromosome in the DNA sample from Wolverine. To combat this, the project copies the Y chromosome and flips it onto both sides of the DNA strand. Presto, we have X-23 (aka Laura Kinney), Wolverine’s female clone. This story picks up right were X-23: Innocence Lost left off. X-23 has just escaped the Weapon X headquarters and attempts to live the life of a normal person. She takes up residence with relatives, makes friends and things begin looking up, when Weapon X discovers where she is, and comes to collect its top assassin. X-23 is a difficult character to write (or at least a character that is often written very poorly), but this story is lively and engaging. Even if it’s a bit silly, the artwork alone makes it worth a gander.