Worth revving about

Matt Coogan

Photo By Tom Angel

Idlevinyl Records is not as motionless as its name might imply. The newly created Chico record label has gotten busy in a hurry, investing itself in the youth of the area by recording and releasing music by local high school noisemakers. Their first two projects, Esterdaye and Brain in the Cage, have both been given the opportunity of learning more about making music than just mastering Metallica riffs. Having already recorded music (thanks in no small part to the very accommodating Kevin Looker at The Good Shepherd’s Studio), booked their own shows and played all over the north state, the rock whippersnappers have injected the local music scene with a welcome dose of youthful energy. Co-run by Tony Burman (owner/engineer) and Matt Coogan (owner/producer), Idlevinyl’s ultimate goal is to give young, beginning musicians an outlet for playing their music and to learn how to fend for themselves in the face of a pretty cruel music industry. Coogan was nice enough to stop by News & Review H.Q. to share some new Brain in the Cage CDs and a little insight into this new endeavor.

Why start a record label in Chico?

Mainly to support a lot of the little bands that aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Plus, Nathan [guitarist/vocalist for Esterdaye] is Tony’s son and Nik [drummer for both Esterdaye and Brain in a Cage] is my little brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters. We see a lot of talent and creativity in town, and we want to help jumpstart another music scene in Chico.

What’s the game plan?

To give as good of a presentation and representation of the bands and their music as possible.

What does Chico need?

More support of bands and venues. We need more places for kids to go and watch shows, where kids can play music.

You work with kids in your regular job, right?

I work as a campus supervisor at a junior high, and I work at group home. And I do tutoring.

Do you get stoked seeing the kids playing music?

I get the same feeling of enjoyment seeing the bands and helping the bands as I did when I played music.

Do you ever feel like the old dude?

I always feel like the old guy.

Do the kids surprise you ever?

They surprise me with their talent… with their energy level… It’s nice to see them enjoy something they’re doing.