Woman killed by motorist

Alleged drunken driver strikes and kills 20-year-old on Nord Avenue

An unidentified 20-year-old woman was killed on Nord Avenue by an alleged drunken driver in the early morning on Wednesday (Dec. 7).

Friends who were with the woman said she was struck by an Acura sedan that drove onto the sidewalk and didn’t stop after the collision, according to a Chico Police Department press release. First responders attempted to save the woman’s life, but she was pronounced dead at the scene; her identity has been withheld while officials notify next of kin.

About 30 minutes after the collision, 24-year-old Bryan Dawson of Chico called police and reported that he’d been involved in an accident. Police say he allegedly “exhibited symptoms of intoxication” and his vehicle had damage consistent with the collision.

Anyone with information regarding the incident should call 897-4911.