Who’s afraid of voting?

Why are our legislators refusing to let voters weigh in on Governor Brown’s tax measure?

We assume our local state legislators, Republican Assemblymen Jim Nielsen and Dan Logue and Sen. Doug LaMalfa, believe in democracy. Why, then, are they pledging to keep Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure off the ballot?

As part of his budget proposal to eliminate a $25.4 billion structural deficit, Brown proposes $12.5 billion in spending cuts as well as, among other things, the extension for five years of several temporary taxes already in place. The extensions would provide $9 billion in revenue and are essential if the budget is to be balanced without further cuts.

Brown promised during his campaign that he would submit any tax proposal to the voters, but Republicans are blocking him. Why? Are they afraid voters will approve the extensions? Do they insist on having their way regardless of what people want?

A message to Nielsen, Logue and LaMalfa: Let the people vote. Then, if they choose not to extend the taxes, you’ll be well situated to do what you’ve wanted to do for years—dismantle state government. What more could you want?