Who ya gonna call?

Once you get to town, you’ll need to set up ye olde utilities and deal with sundry other boring matters. With the exception of garbage pickup, it’s pretty much a monopoly, so there’s one less choice new residents have to make.

SBC Pacific Bell 1-800-310-2355

Cable TV
Comcast 427 Eaton Road 1-800-266-2278
Direct TV and Dish Network 1144 W. East Ave. 893-3474

Where to even begin? Chico has dialup, DSL and wireless—check the yellow pages.

NorCal Waste Systems of Butte County 342-4444
North Valley Waste Management 893-4777

Cal Water 2222 Whitman 895-8456

Gas & electric
PG&E 350 Salem St. 1-800-743-5000

Humane Society
Butte County Humane Society 2579 Fair St. 343-7917

Animal control
Butte County Animal Control 1460 Humboldt Road 895-4926