When news comes a-knockin’

PG&E gas line breaks, evacuating local businesses—including the CN&R

The CN&R found itself in the middle of a news story Feb. 15 when a Pacific Gas and Electric crew busted a plastic gas service line on Second Street, about 30 feet from our front door, releasing a stream of gas that quickly fouled the CN&R offices.

The break occurred about 9 a.m. Wednesday (deadline day!) during work to prepare for the city’s sidewalk and roadway improvement project, said PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno. Local businesses were evacuated, and the other local media descended on the scene. The broken line was patched and all returned to normal by 11 a.m.

The city’s project, changing First and Second streets to one-way routes, is waiting for a second round of bids from contractors. Last year, the bids that were submitted came in too high, said Tom Varga, the city’s director of Capital Project Services. He expects new bids by April and construction to begin this summer.