Weird Chico

The wide-open creative spirit of our funky little city

A display of weirdness:

Keep Chico Weird Art Show shows Feb. 28-March 3, with reception Saturday, March 2, 6-9 p.m.
1078 Gallery
1710 Park Ave.

This issue marks the sixth year that the Chico News & Review has officially been celebrating the weird side of Chico, and it’s refreshing to see that our little Nor Cal outpost has lost none of its freaky charm. In fact, we might be keeping Chico weirder than ever.

The Blue Room Theatre has been at the forefront of bringing challenging works to local audiences, and in our first story in this package, we look at how the downtown staple has stuck with its mission for 25 years. Over at Chico State, the Music and Theatre Department is once again showcasing experimental music at its annual New Music Symposium by bringing to town minimalist pioneer Terry Riley—one of the most influential composers of the last century—to town. We also have features on long-running local belly dance fusion duo BellySutra, as well as a brand-new purveyor of weird art, the trippy noisemakers calling themselves Guest No. 66.

And last, the CN&R and 1078 Gallery are presenting the annual Keep Chico Art Show (no talent show this year; hopefully back in 2020) next week, Feb. 28-March 3. Come get weird with us.