Wanted man surrenders

Alleged attempted murderer turns himself in to Chico police

The man who Chico police believe is responsible for the brutal and unprovoked attack on a former Associated Students president turned himself in at the Chico Police Department on Saturday (Aug. 13).

Chico police have been on the hunt for Jorge Aguilar Ceja (pictured) since late January, after he was linked through DNA evidence to the attempted murder of then-A.S. President Joseph Igbineweka back in April 2010.

Igbineweka was jumped and stabbed while walking home alone on West Sacramento Avenue. Ceja’s blood, along with Igbineweka’s, was found on a pocket knife located near the scene of the attack.

Ceja has a history of misdemeanor assaults and threats. He made it into the Department of Justice’s DNA database due to a “gang enhancement” charge that elevates misdemeanors to felonies.