Wanna Be Loved

Glen Washington

Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, Glen Washington worked almost exclusively as a drummer, recording only five songs as a vocalist. In the mid-’90s however, Washington’s voice—both rough and smooth at the same time—became one of the most desirable to producers working in reggae’s “lovers’ rock” genre, from Jamaica’s pioneering Studio One, through America’s East Coast, to London and beyond. The demand continues today, for live performances and studio work. This is Washington’s fourth album with the VP imprint, and he’s returned to the Joe Frazier camp, where he scored previous hits with “Jah Glory,” “Kindness for Weakness,” and more. This set leads with “Viper,” and continues with “This Life” which laces fresh, meaningful lyrics (“I got to pray every day/ to chase wickedness away/ I mean every single word I say”) onto Bob Marley & the Wailers’ classic music track, “Waiting in Vain.” More standards are revisited, including The Inspirations’ “Tighten Up,” as well as the album’s title track. Production and performance quality are high. Listening pleasure is near maximum.