Volunteerism is great

You have nothing to lose from giving back to your fellow man

One of the great things about Chico is that it is home to an embarrassment of excellent organizations with the goal of bettering the community. If you think about a cause, there likely is a nonprofit working on it.

So, during this season of giving, think about what you’re most passionate about and consider making a donation to an organization that falls in line with your values. There are literally hundreds of charities from which to choose, from youth education and pet welfare groups to food pantries and environmental causes.

CN&R is impressed with the work of the charitable groups in our midst, and we are especially inspired by the folks who volunteer for them. Every year, we use the issue of Thanksgiving week as a way to highlight some of the good work by a handful of folks in our community (see “Local Heroes 2016).

We also know that budgets are tight, and for some folks, making a monetary contribution is not feasible. But giving back can come in other forms. One of the biggest requests we hear about from local groups is the need for additional volunteers. The opportunities abound, and they can range from a one-time effort to lending a regular helping hand.

Perhaps this last part sounds a little selfish, but volunteering also feels good. Indeed, there is a sense of satisfaction in helping your fellow man. Another perk is getting to meet like-minded folks, some of whom could become lifelong friends. In all our years of reporting on the efforts of local nonprofit groups, we’ve never heard any volunteers say they regretted helping others.

So, why not give back? What do you have to lose?