Up All Night

As The Yule Logs enter their 11th season, I once again make my annual grievance—why aren't these guys bigger than Jesus? Not that there's anything wrong with being Chico's hometown treasure, but seriously—no one does Christmas better. I don't even like Christmas music all that much. But I like The Yule Logs. Their fifth album, Up All Night, is another good-timin' pop record, and it's also the band's most varied collection. The classic Logs power pop is still strong on the jangly title track, but “Ain't Got Nothing (On Christmas Day)” has the Motown sound and horns blazing. Slide guitar turns “(I Saw Mommy Kiss Santa) Last Night” into country waltz, and surf's up on “Story of Hanukkah.” Of course, all 11 songs are danceable, and The Yule Logs add just the right dashes of schmaltz for the kiddies and a little rock 'n' roll 'tude for us grownups.