Under the Savage Sky

If you're ready to rock really hard, then hot damn is this Under the Savage Sky for you. Imagine fusing garage punk with a bit of rockabilly, R&B, soul and classic pop/rock in the vein of Chubby Checker of Jerry Lee Lewis, and you'll be on the right track. Boston-based Barrence Whitfield howls like a banshee throughout, with all the verve and primal emotion of a Howlin' Wolf or a Wilson Pickett. There are balls-out rockers like “Rock 'N' Roll Baby,” and supremely danceable numbers like “The Claw,” which confidently stakes its claim as the next great dance craze. “Bad News Perfume” and “Katy Didn't” add to the fun by playing up the wild-loving and -living lifestyle of a good-time rock 'n' roller. Under the Savage Sky is filthy, frenetic and an absolute blast of a record that will leave you breathless.