Two frats get 86’d

The Interfraternity Council expelled two local fraternities this week for what IFC President Nick Hollingsworth called “poor decision making.”

Hollingsworth said a motion was made at the April 25 IFC meeting to expel Phi Kappa Tau for its participation in the making of a hardcore pornographic film last year. The IFC also moved to expel the Delta Psi Delta fraternity, which had been on a year-and-a-half-long suspension for alcohol violations, he said.

Both fraternities also failed to take adequate measures for reinstatement, specifically when it came to sending representatives to IFC events, Hollingsworth said.

“These groups didn’t seem like they were jumping aboard,” he explained.

Although Phi Kappa Tau hasn’t violated any national bylaws, Hollingsworth said the decision was made because the group’s activities don’t fall in line with the values of the fraternity system.

Chico State officials made the discovery about the filming of the pornographic film at the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house about a month ago. Shane’s World, a producer of adult films out of Southern California, filmed the movie in October 2004 as part of its College Invasion video series.

The IFC’s decision to expel the fraternity comes before the national chapter has handed down any decision.

“The national organization was taking too long to come up with a conclusion,” Hollingswoth said.

Phi Kappa Tau CEO Steve Hartman said the chapter has some work to do to prove to the university and the community that they ar e a legitimate organization.

“Our reaction is that the IFC needs to govern as they see fit,” Hartman said. “On the surface, I understand the decision.”

Hollingsworth said Phi Kappa Tau President Dan Avery and a representative from Delta Psi Delta were given the opportunity to refute the expulsions but chose not to do so. The CN&R’s phone call to Avery was not returned.

When asked about the status of Sigma Chi, which is on suspension after the near-fatal alcohol overdose of one of its pledges, Hollingsworth said expulsion is still an option, but that the fraternity has been taking steps in the right direction.

The Sigma Chi fraternity is hosting LIFE+SAVER 2005 on May 2, a program that will address the dangers of alcohol. Profits for the event will go toward local community service projects.

On Jan. 20, 19-year-old Butte College student Richard Amador nearly died from alcohol poisoning at the Sigma Chi fraternity house. Chico State senior Kevin Hallmeyer currently faces multiple misdemeanor charges of supplying alcohol to minors.

As for Phi Kappa Tau and Delta Psi Delta, Hollingsworth said both fraternities can reapply for local status at any time, but that it is a long process.

“They have to take a step in the right direction.”