Tough times and trouble

What are you doing to help the homeless?

Ms. DePriest, 24, is a former foster child who is currently homeless. She sometimes can be found in front of Artifax, where she has permission to play her guitar.

There is an overwhelming growth in the number of homeless people. Some of you may not even care that there are families out on the street, or that there are struggling drug addicts. I say: Look at it in a different way.

Homelessness is starting to become a more widespread problem due to the economic situation. The number of jobs is dwindling.

The homeless situation is a sad one. Most people just look away and have nothing to say, as if it’s not really happening. Well, folks, it is happening. Volunteering every few months or even monthly at a Jesus Center or a soup kitchen is not enough. These people need more than just your attempts to make yourself feel better. Most need clothes or shoes. Some just need someone to talk to and to listen to them, instead of trying to talk to Joe or Bob who has heard it all and seen it all, being one of those loveable tramps we all know and see.

In Sacramento, there has been overwhelming growth in the homeless community. There are now 2,500 homeless and down-on-their-luck men, women and children. The even sadder thing is that there is accommodation for only about 1,200 people, only in wintertime.

There’s absolutely nothing more shameful than when you have to ask someone for a few bucks or whatever they will give you. It is sad to hear some of the things that passersby will say or do to you just because you do not have what they have. Personally, to me the egotistical college kid who brings money into Chico is at least half the time responsible for the vandalism, DUIs, and assaults that happen in this town, but they are eagerly overlooked because they bring in money.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I have seen my fair share of what the homeless community has done, but not everyone in the community does stupid things.

On another note, it is a saddening thought that in the richest country in the world we even have to call the homeless a community.

Please make an effort to go out and do more for the community as a whole, not just the areas that you are comfortable in. There is so much that you can do for your country and your community. I say to you—no, I challenge you to stand up and make an effort for the good and not for the comfort that is so near to you and yours.