Time to vote

Shining a light on the local races

In this special Election Issue, the CN&R focuses on a few of the races closest to home, including the hotly contested council races in Chico and Oroville. A lot is at stake locally this election cycle—those seeking office have widely divergent takes on how to move their communities forward on issues ranging from homelessness to cannabis. In addition, we take a look at how Prop. 6—aka the gas-tax repeal—would affect our region.

The Nov. 6 ballot includes a bevy of other statewide initiatives—11 in all—and numerous open seats ranging from the U.S. Senate and Congress down to school boards. We’ve made recommendations only for the races and ballot initiatives we’ve studied sufficiently to feel confident about our endorsements (see Editorial, page 4). That includes local Measure S—a term-limits initiative backed by an outgoing Chico council member.

And finally, the deadline to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 22. The easiest route: go to registertovote.ca.gov.

See you at the polls!