Time for a raise

With economy in recovery, businesses should resume rewarding employees

As this is the CN&R’s annual Business Issue, we thought it would be appropriate to give props to all the local business owners for their commitment to the community. Businesses provide jobs and tax revenue, but they also enrich our environment by offering places to dine, be entertained, get pampered, shop, etc.

We recognize that the past several years have been tough for everyone, and we commend those who survived the Great Recession and better still, those who took chances to start a business in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Many others who took similar risks did not fare so well, but we salute their bravery, too.

Now that the dust has begun to settle, and California’s economic outlook has improved greatly, we encourage local businesses to loosen their hold on their purse strings a bit. It’s time to re-evaluate salary freezes and resume the era of the performance-based raise. There are many benefits to having well-compensated employees, and it’s time for Chico to be more competitive in the job market.

Many qualified Chico State alums would love to stay in the community after graduation, but we cannot blame them for moving out of the region if they cannot make a decent wage here. We also cannot blame the talented longtime residents who look to other communities for higher compensation.

Happy employees are better employees and few rewards for a job well done are as sweet as a little extra on your paycheck—which can then be used to dine at local restaurants and shop in local stores.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Let’s get going.