Adult toys

In the world of sex toys the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is universally accurate. The Holy Grail of sexual satisfaction is a high-quality toy that doesn’t break the bank, and the new Tickler line of vibrators would lure Percival and Galahad themselves. Ticklers combine durability and playfulness to create whimsical little creatures that should earn the honor of your “go-to vibrator.” Roughly six inches long, they’re waterproof, phthalate-free and feature a one-speed vibration housed at the base of the toy. However, the real fun lies at the tips, each with varying designs that offer different sets of sensations. If you enjoy powerful clitoral stimulation, the purple, black and yellow Cute, Rebel and Sunny toys, respectively, offer strong vibration at a centralized point. The blue and pink Mystic and Bunny Ticklers provide slightly weaker, but more enveloping, stimulation to the clitoris. The pink Bunny is an exceptional toy that re-creates the $90 ears of the popular Rabbit vibe with an additional tapered wedge to ride when things get hoppin’. Forget the usual “My First Vibrator”—ten dollars of cheap plastic—and save up for this $40 heavenly vessel. www.ticklervibes.com.