Thumbs up on library

Finally acting on possible city budget cuts, the Finance Committee Tuesday (Nov. 27) decided not to recommend elimination of the city’s $170,000 annual subsidy of operations at the Chico branch of the county library that allow it to stay open an additional 25 hours a week.

The committee—Councilmembers Larry Wahl, Scott Gruendl and Mary Flynn—did recommend a reduction in the Fire Department’s budget of up to $400,000 a year, larger employee contributions to their health insurance, and reducing the fleet management reserve by $1.2 million over four years. It also voted to recommend freezing management pay for one year, a savings of $100,000.

Finally, it took no action on whether to reduce arts funding by 30 percent, choosing instead to urge the City Council to listen to arts groups’ explanations of why they need the money.

The committee will meet one more time before presenting its final list of recommendations to the council on Dec. 18.