This is your home

Photo By Tom Angel

Welcome, students, to Chico—your home for the next four, five or six years, or maybe the rest of your life.

You’re holding in your hands Goin’ Chico, an annual publication of the Chico News & Review, an alternative newspaper published weekly and available free on Thursday mornings.

This special issue covers a variety of things you should know about living in this town, from school-related tips to entertainment for that much-needed down time. There’s even a contest in this paper, with fabulous prizes just waiting to be won.

You should read the News & Review. Every week. Because it’s the best, most entertaining, most informative paper in town. (Now that you’re on your own, with your own money and own decision-making power, get ready for the onslaught of interests, both corporate and altruistic, trying to win your dollar and favor. We at the News & Review like to think we have your interests in heart more than do the credit card companies.)

Chico State University is a residential college, meaning students live here and immerse themselves in the surrounding town. Butte College, too, draws a diverse population. Combined, the two schools bring energy and life to the Chico area. Chico’s downtown, culture and overall atmosphere would be sorely lacking were it not for the students. Although the urban area has grown to nearly 100,000 people, Chico maintains a small-town feel.

Let us warn you now: You’ll have a hard time moving on once your studies are through. Bidwell Park is gorgeous, the campus is one of the state’s most attractive, and the people are by and large the friendliest you’ll meet.

While you’re here, make a difference. Get out and see the sights. Study, but take frequent and fun breaks from studying. Learn about local issues. Prove wrong the people who say students don’t or shouldn’t vote in city elections.

And feel free to stick around after graduation.

Who to know
The Chico State campus is a big place, but these familiar faces can direct your way to the help you so desperately need.

A welcome from the president
We asked Chico State’s new leader to write a welcome to students. He’s pretty cool and gives good advice without getting too preachy.

Know much about history?
Your new town has a rich history. From alcohol-banishing Bidwells to majestic oaks, this mini history lesson comes without a quiz.

Go, JC, go!
Actually, we’re talking community college. Butte is the place to go to get your general ed out of the way and find yourself in small classes without shelling out a lot of cash.

The frat life
Thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority? Ruled it out? These members tell you why they decided to pledge. And it doesn’t involve paddling.

Fashion forward
Ah, the tennis skirt. It’s the young man’s reward for making it all the way to college. But wait. This feature is about fashion, and where you can get the goods in Chico.

Entertainment from A to Z
What are you doing tonight? If you’re not sure, consider our alphabetical list of possibilities. Darts could help. There’s a lot to choose from.

Where art thou?
A handy list of Chico’s visual-arts venues

Kids vs. cops
Over the years, students’ relationship with campus and city police has fluctuated. Sometimes, riots. Other times, simpático. We explain why.

The breakfast club
Tired of Pop Tarts and cheap English muffins? Chico is full of breakfast spots, and we share our favorites. Expect weekend lines and a tasty reward.

Bad moves
We feel qualified to offer up a list of the top-10 mistakes new college students make. That’s because we’ve made most of them ourselves. Trust us and save yourself some grief.

Whatcha talkin’ about?
Those strange abbreviations and nicknames you hear are just Chicospeak. The News & Review has compiled a convenient glossary so you’re on the same page with locals. It will keep you from getting lost or embarrassed.

Wise Up
Listen to these pieces of advice from your soon-to-be instructors. They’ve been there, done that.

Hot Spots
Short features on places to know on the Chico State campus.