They’re the cat’s meow

We tip a glass of to the Best of Chico 2016!

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In the grand tradition of the speakeasy, we've kept the identities of the winners a secret. Until now …

Every year, the Best of Chico is one of the most painstaking—but fun!—issues the CN&R puts together. Tallying the votes (and throwing out the stuffed ones—you know who you are) is just the first part of the equation. Then there's the running around, gathering photos and information about Chico's favorite people, places and things—without telling anyone what we're doing! (Kind of like taking a swig of white lightning at a juice joint back in the day. And all to prove we know our onions!)

It's all worth it, though. This is a little love letter to Chico, in recognition of all of the amazing things that come together and make it such a special place to live.

So, you cast your votes. We tallied ’em. Now, here comes the big reveal, the moment everyone's been waiting for: the unveiling of the winners of 2016's Best of Chico contest.