The year of my activism

David Sisk is a freelance graphic designer, artist, reborn activist and third-generation native Chicoan a.k.a. “Sisko.”

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one person to dissolve the intimidation and hesitation, which have impeded his true expression, and to step forward with the powers of the earth behind him to declare the causes, which impel him to act in these moments.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that I am endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Gifts, that among these are Breath, Gratitude and the pursuit of my True Purpose. And to help us all to secure the right to these gifts, Governments are instituted by the people to reflect and manifest our hopes and needs as we express them.

Now it has come to pass that our Government has become destructive of these hopes and needs, and it is our right to change this course by abolishing the errant powers that be and to start a new course laying a new foundation based on principles of power generated by the people in such a way as to nurture our safety and happiness.

Of course this is not done lightly but out of dire necessity; after much slumber and complacency has left us bereft of our basic rights and dignity.

Now is the time to throw off the abuses, usurpations and despots. It is our right and duty to do this and to provide a New Leadership for our future security. We have suffered patiently, and it is of necessity that we alter the system.

The history of the present king George is a history of injuries and usurpations having brought tyranny over these United States and the world at large.

I now pledge as a citizen to speak and act as befits a true patriot and conduct my life in a way that will aid in this much-needed transformation.

So I will be involved in the painting of signs, speaking words and performing acts to this urgent end, and I am asking for your support and sound advice in so doing, in this the year of my activism.