The year in review

A turbulent 12 months

Well, 2017 has certainly been a bumpy ride. That’s true for Americans in general, and it’s true for us in the North State.

Let’s start with President Donald Trump’s first year in office. It’s been mired in controversy and investigations that, thus far, have resulted in indictments of two members of his administration, as well as his onetime campaign manager.

But don’t think we’re immune to his maneuverings at the nation’s capital. Trump championed a tax bill that stands to, long-term, make life harder for the poor and middle class while enriching the ultra wealthy. He also torched a federal program that has shielded undocumented immigrants—who came here as children—from deportation.

Those actions factor into the CN&R’s top 10 stories of the year, as compiled by the editorial staff. A few of the topics will be somewhat obvious—the Oroville dam crisis; fatal encounters between law enforcement (in one case a wannabe cop) and citizens; and the response from local jurisdictions to marijuana legalization. Others may not be on your radar. Take the opioid epidemic, for example, or the continuing saga over Chico Scrap Metal.

Rest assured, the CN&R will be there to keep tabs on it all in the year to come. As always, we hope you learn something. Also, be sure to check out our list of notable stories and the popular “What were they thinking?” write-ups.

Happy reading, and happy New Year!