The Streets

Mike Skinner, the musical mastermind behind U.K. phenomenon The Streets, has just released the most important record since Public Enemy’s masterpiece, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. I have listened to this recording non-stop since it first graced my CD player, and its mix of hip-hop, house and acid grooves supports Skinner’s unabashed liberal lyrics with a righteously angered fist of sound.

A hallmark achievement in the UK garage movement, The Streets are a call to arms against the insipid nature of current dance music trends and an infectious bit of biting, good natured sarcasm to get the body moving. My current favorite track off Original Pirate Material is “Let’s Push Things Forward,” which is a rallying cry against the mundane, mass-marketed music formatting of corporate radio utilizing a bass-heavy mix and stunning lyrical word play to drive the point home.

The Streets are the sound of tomorrow’s rebellion today. Buy immediately. For more information on The Streets, go to