The Reminder


Feist’s third solo album starts where 2004’s Let It Die left off. The Reminder is a cozy album with the warmth and security of a baby blanket, blending handclaps and a mix of low-fi indie-rock with elements of jazz. Leslie Feist, who has a history of working with successful indie bands Broken Social Scene and Apostle of Hustle, reaffirms that she can hold her own by showing different sides of her personality. Feist perfects the art of changing moods while keeping the album coherent. The album opens with “I’m Sorry,” a mellow, stripped-down track that sets a charming and sincere mood before jumping into the more upbeat and cheerful “I Feel It All.” And intertwining piano segments in songs like “The Water,” along with Feist’s tender voice—at times reminiscent of a singer at a swanky jazz club—make her sound vulnerable, yet powerful. While The Reminder may remind listeners of Feist’s previous album, it is nothing to complain about. This album will buy Feist some time to expand her audience while receiving play on VH1, gaining the attention she deserves.