The Nobody Hole

Sumkid Majere

Roshmond Patten, aka Sumkid Majere, takes the concept album to the next level with The Nobody Hole. A hip-hopera like nothing this hip-hop fan has ever heard, it’s more of an experience than an album. And the fact that you can find it only on Patton’s Web site just enhances its mystery. The album stars main character Pigme Paul Loenthal, and features others of Pigme Paul’s own creation: Manda (the Panda-masked serial killer), Ransom (the King of Thieves), Jaquelantern (the pumpkin-headed queen) and Old Man Geechi. Pigme Paul is dragged into a place of lost souls—the Nobody Hole—due to a tragic loss. Majere alters his vocal cadence and intonation to manipulate the pictures that are created of each character, all while vividly illustrating the environment of the Nobody Hole: dingy skies, people with shoes for faces, birds with no eyes, “a city lit with giant pools of lava.” This is where people end up when they have lost a piece of themselves—nobody is whole. It is brilliant, heart-wrenching and vindicating. Go to and look for The Nobody Hole player on the right side, settle in, grab some wine, turn off the lights and just listen. You’re welcome.