The Incredible Moses Leroy

Once again Moses has descended from the mountain. And this time the commandment is, “It shall be cool to be pop.” R. Fountenberry has released this 15-track CD of curious and catchy pop songs under the moniker of The Incredible Moses Leroy. Fountenberry’s material is mostly reminiscent of early-'80s synth-pop tunes threaded through with musical and lyrical references suggesting diverse “pop” influences, including The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and many more. “Beep Beep Love” kicks off the CD with a bright, upbeat tune, the extremely catchy chorus proclaiming “All you need is … beep-beep love!” “Fuzzy” features a group of female background singers stringing attractive “la-la-la’s” together like pearls, the song giddily shifting on the line “Let’s paint the town red like Carrie!" Fountenberry handles all the lead vocals and plays almost all of the instruments. His songs feature clever melodies and generally humorous lyrics. This CD is "radio-ready." The only question is, are the current false prophets commanding the airwaves ready for the new Mosaic Law?