The Ground Truth

It would be a good thing if every American citizen who has one of those plastic yellow ribbon stickers on the back of his or her SUV had to watch this movie as the merest token of support for the troops in Iraq. Those troops, as most people now know, are being rather significantly screwed when they get back home seeking benefits and medical care, and they have, all too often, been sent to Iraq without proper equipment and protective body armor. Many of them are coming back with serious cases of post-traumatic-stress disorder, but they’re being treated with neglect or indifference by an overwhelmed and often unsympathetic bureaucracy. Many of them, too, have come to question the war they fought in, and The Ground Truth brings all of that back home in a compelling series of interviews with the young men and women who survived their tours in Iraq with heavy emotional or physical scars. All of the chicken hawks who have been so vocal in support of surges and other profligate expenditures of blood and money need to see this film before they utter another word.