The Constitutional Agitator

Don Bird is a widely known local gadfly and self-described “patriot” who sometimes dresses up as Samuel Adams and stands on street corners bearing signs showing his disapproval of various judges, district attorneys and legislators, among others. As far as he is concerned, they are turning the republic he loves into a dictatorship of the elite. This former Marine fearlessly stands up for what he believes to be his constitutional rights, whether that means being able to fish without a license, have a jury trial following a traffic citation, or to keep and bear arms. He's filed so many unsuccessful pro per lawsuits in Tehama County, where he lives, that he has been declared a “vexatious litigant” and forbidden to file ever again. So instead he's put together this book—a mishmash of miscellaneous correspondence, libertarian-themed articles, court documents and screeds. I don't agree with a lot of what this “agitator” says—President Obama is not an “evil person” who is “Hell Bent to destroy our Republic,” in my book—but I respect his passionate participation in citizen politics. Write to P.O. Box 5313, Corning, CA 96021 to order a copy.