The art of glass

Watch art glass pieces being made

Visitors can watch Rick Satava craft magnificent vases and other works of art at the Satava studio on Wall Street.

Visitors can watch Rick Satava craft magnificent vases and other works of art at the Satava studio on Wall Street.

Photo By Tom Angel

Watch art glass pieces being made Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 or noon, at Orient & Flume, and Wednesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Satava.

In addition to being home to a beautiful university and offering varied shopping and a welcoming atmosphere, Chico is also home to two of the most renowned art glass studios in the world. Orient & Flume and Satava art glass studios add greatly to the many reasons why Chico is unique.

Located at 2161 Park Ave., the Orient & Flume studio is painted a subtle shade of dark green on the outside, but inside the beautiful pieces of artwork are anything but subtle.

Intricate designs of flowers, insects and aquatic life adorn the many vases, paperweights and other pieces on display in the showroom. These one-of-a-kind works of art illuminate the entire room with their unique colors and amazing detail.

Started in 1972 by Douglas Boyd, Orient & Flume began making designs inspired by 19th-century glass studios, but as the company began to grow and was able to acquire more sophisticated equipment, colorful three-dimensional designs became possible.

Today, these three-dimensional designs represent the studio’s cutting-edge efforts and are recognized all over the world.

In 1979 the Metropolitan Museum of Art commissioned Orient & Flume to replicate tiles from the front porch of Louis Tiffany’s home, and these tiles are on permanent display over the main entrance to the museum’s “American Glass Wing.”

The artists at Orient and Flume are renowned for their exquisitely crafted glass fruit.

Satava Art Glass Studio is also famous for its distinctive and stunning works of glass art. At 819 Wall St., nestled between Eighth and Ninth streets, the quaint studio offers a first-hand look at the art that has made Satava popular.

Extravagantly decorated vases and other glass pieces fill the front room of the studio, while from the back of the building the soft sound of music is heard from the area where the glass is made.

Amid a few trees and in the spring air, the crew that makes Satava’s incredible pieces of art clearly has a good time working and enjoy what they do, and it shows in the finished products.

This internationally recognized company was started in 1976 by Rick Satava and has been growing ever since.

Both Satava and Orient & Flume welcome the public to come view the process of making some of the world’s best-known pieces of glass art.

While Satava glass is sold mostly in galleries and fine gift stores across the nation and overseas, pieces also can be purchased at the studio.

Orient & Flume pieces can be purchased at the studio or locally at Troutman’s in the Chico Mall and in downtown Chico at Made in Chico. They are also featured in catalogues such as The Smithsonian Museum, Gump’s and Geary’s.

For more information contact Orient & Flume at 893-0373 and Satava at 345-7985.