The Apparition

Rated 2.0

It’s hard to think of anything more worthless than a politician’s promise, but your average PG-13 horror film comes pretty damned close. About the only purposes served are giving tween-age girls something to chatter over during the boring parts and the opportunity to clutch each other when the music blares. The Apparition is your average PG-13 horror film. But with an eye toward the target demographic, they drag in Hogwarts alumni Tom Felton as some poor sap who participated in a s"ance-gone-wrong that comes back to haunt him years later. It’s hard to summon up any sympathy for those foolish enough to try and provoke the dead. No one ever seems to reach a happy medium and the protoplasm always hits the fan. And so it goes here, as our hapless hero and his box office-insurance girlfriend (Ashley Greene of the Twilight franchise) go through the motions of filling out the film’s running time being stalked by the eponymous entity. Like most PG-13 horror films, there’re long stretches of boring interrupted by occasional bursts of noisy. But no scary. Cinemark 14. Rated PG-13.