Thank you all

Remembering what—and who—is important

The cover story of this Business & Entrepreneur Issue includes a number of pointers from local firms that have survived economic downturns. One piece of advice that came up over and over is remembering what—and who—is important.

Certainly we appreciate the support of advertisers, whose patronage pays our expenses. But no one would advertise in a paper without readers. In the end, you are the people we serve.

Values count. The News & Review mission statement calls for us “to have a positive impact on our communities and make them better places to live.” That’s not just a platitude; it’s something that gives purpose to everyone here: editors, designers, sales reps, drivers, support staff. Though we may be biased because we work here, we all believe this paper makes a tangible difference, and its survival matters.

Going on 32 years, the CN&R has served as a prominent, independent voice for Chico and its neighbors. Thank you to everyone across the decades who has contributed to these pages—and everyone who reads them.