Ted by any other name

Who is Tedra Thomsen trying to kid? The guy is 6-foot-4, has major muscles and a five o’clock shadow darker than Nixon’s, and he wants to play co-ed softball as a woman? Sorry, guy, but dressing up in heels and a short skirt does not make you a gal.

Thomsen, as just about everyone in Chico knows by now, is the man otherwise known as Ted who insisted he was a “transgender” person and wanted to play softball on a Chico Area Recreation and Park District co-ed team—as a woman.

Kudos to the CARD directors, who handled this sticky wicket quite deftly by adopting a policy—taken from the International Olympic Committee—that only transsexuals who have had sex-change surgery can participate as “transgender” athletes.

If Thomsen wants to play CARD co-ed softball, he’s free to do so. Hey, he can even dress up as a woman, if he wants. Woo-hoo! But he’ll rightly be considered a male player.