“Is it hot, or is it just me?”

“Is it hot, or is it just me?”

Who’s got the claws here?
While in China, I saw concrete ponds stocked with fish where “fisherpeople” would sit under beach umbrellas, throw a baited hook via rod and reel into the murky, still water and catch half-starved fish. The evolution of fishing has advanced again with the Love Maine Lobster Claw Game. Remember those stuffed animals crammed into a large see-through box that you feed quarters into for a chance to lower a limp mechanical claw into a plush mosh pit of cute cuddlies in an attempt to own one of them forever? Well, now there is one of these arcade games filled with salt water and Maine lobsters. What next, baby-panda-catching machines?

Pirating Sharing made easy
The MiShare is a small device that connects two iPods for song and file transfer, without cables or computers. For less than $100, this Linux-based hunk of technology plugs into any 30-pin iPod (most Apple MP3 players other than Shuffle models), though it does not work with the iPhone or iTouch, yet. The device does not crack DRM (digital rights management). Search MiShare on YouTube or check out the company site:

I want my phoneTV
I can’t even get Flash video on my blasted iPhone (Mr. Steve Jobs, hear my rant) and a company named Actimagine is leapfrogging ahead with a product named Mobiclip. This hardware/software solution claims it will deliver HiDef video and television to mobile phones. It appears this HD content will use less juice from your cell phone’s battery than present standard-definition video. The company asserts that a Nokia N73 phone can play around seven hours of high-quality video, compared with just 1 1/2 hours of MPEG-4 compressed video. Any video source file can be converted into the Mobiclip format and Mobiclip is compatible with all open cell phone operating systems. Want to check it out? Become a Beta-tester by going to

She’s stuffing her bra!
I don’t quite get this one: solar underwear? Isn’t underwear, by its very definition, under one’s clothes? So how would the solar panels on Triumph’s new Photovoltaics Bra collect sunshine? Must get hot collecting all those rays because the company put built-in drink-holding bladders on the underside of each bra cup. Search for Triumph Solar Bra and click through the link at the bottom of the page for a hilarious Google translation of the Japanese Web page.

Wacky Web site of the Week
This may be the funniest site I have seen on the interwebs. This is seriously hysterical. Almost wet my cubicle.