Taking extra care

A few ways to buoy your well-being

Escape from the ordinary: Whether you fancy the great outdoors (the mountains, the ocean, the desert) or want to be entertained indoors (a concert in the city, let’s say), an escape from everyday life is a great way to take a break. If money is tight, schedule a staycation and pamper yourself at home. Think bubble baths, facials, manicures and making your favorite meals.

Talk about it: Keeping things bottled up can be toxic. So, talking to a therapist—or even a trusted friend with a sympathetic ear, which has the bonus of being free—is a healthful practice.

No, thank you: Life often is busy and stressful due to demands you cannot decline, so sometimes saying no to added commitments is the right thing to do for your well-being. Know your limits and don’t feel guilty opting out. You’ll thank yourself.

Date yourself: There’s nothing wrong with hitting happy hour or dinner solo. Scheduling some quality alone time outside of the house—eating at your favorite restaurant or getting a massage (or both!), for example—can do wonders for your psyche. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the day without judgment or expectations from anybody else.

Unplug: Most of us are guilty of it—constantly looking at our cellphones, whether to respond to a message or simply check Facebook or the news. And a lot of us can remember a time when this wasn’t the case, when we could have dinner without interruptions or enjoy nature minus a screen. So, do yourself a favor and make it a point to leave your phone at home, or at least turn on airplane mode, disable notifications, and disconnect for a little while.

Be social: Do you have a group of friends you haven’t seen in a while? Make a date! Relationships are integral to our mental well-being, providing comfort and a sense of belonging. If it’s difficult to schedule social time into your busy week, try a recurring engagement—the first Friday of the month, every Wednesday, whatever works to cultivate those friendships.