Syphilis cases up

Butte County seeing more of the sexually transmitted infection

Butte County is reporting “major increases” in lab-confirmed cases of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis.

From January to June, the county recorded 12 cases of syphilis, up from two in the same time period last year, according to a Butte County Public Health Department press release. Two-thirds of the cases were in men. The release notes that the local increase mirrors statewide trends, as the California Department of Public Health is reporting a rise in ocular syphilis, or infection of the eye.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection spread by oral, vaginal and anal sex with an infected person, and is known to imitate the symptoms of other conditions. To make an appointment for low-cost STD testing at a BCPHD clinic, call 891-2731 in Chico and 538-7341 in Oroville.