Swinging into summer

CN&R’s annual guide to surviving and enjoying the hot season

After such a long, cool spring, most of us aren’t quite ready for summer—but we know it’s coming. It may not begin officially until June 21, but here in the Chico area we’ve always marked it as starting right about now, on Memorial Day weekend.

This is, after all, when summer vacation begins for Chico’s school kids. And it’s also the weekend of the Silver Dollar Fair. If that combo doesn’t spell summer, nothing does.

Indeed, there are few places on Planet Earth where it’s better to be a kid in the summertime than Chico and Butte County. When you’re 10 or 12 years old, the heat means only that it’s time to wear T-shirts, shorts and sandals, go swimming as often as possible, explore the creeks and the park and have fun with your friends and family.

The heat is tougher on us adults, of course, so it helps to keep in touch with our inner kid as much as possible. We’ve prepared this package of stories with that in mind—and also to help you join your kids in having fun this summer. From summer camps to summer movies, summer music festivals to summer’s schedule of professional sports games, including those of the Chico Outlaws, we’ve tried to let you know what’s out there in terms of summer activities. Have fun—and stay cool!

The fountains of Chico
Make a cool wish—or just admire fish

Camping fun for kids
Things to do all summer long

Summer stomp
A clip-out guide to the summer’s music festivals

Las margaritas del verano
Stumbling through Chico in search of the perfect margarita

Fun, fantasy and fright
30 years after Jaws, the summer blockbuster is still going strong

Check out the pros
With three pro teams, Chico has full program of games scheduled for the summer