Supes take heat

County Grand Jury criticizes the board over fire decisions

After taking the unusual step of releasing a report before concluding its year-long investigatory term, the Butte County Grand Jury issued a second interim report, this time criticizing the Board of Supervisors over firefighting decisions.

The 19 grand jurors determined that the supervisors “failed to adopt an adequate fire restructuring plan in a timely manner.” The panel recommends that the county continue to contract with Cal Fire, rather than form a fire services district; upgrade, repair and maintain “the structural and utility deficiencies” of stations 41 (north of Chico) and 71 (Richvale); and get the stations’ wells “up to safe, potable water standards.”

The Grand Jury put out this report May 25—just 10 days after an interim report recommending that the county consolidate mosquito and vector control districts.