Sucker Punch

Rated 3.0

Sucker Punch doesn’t pretend (too much) to be high art. This is Zack Snyder (director of such epic cartoons as 300 and The Watchmen) being given millions of dollars to unleash his id on the screen. So let’s go back in time to a faux noir 1950s. What we have here is a sailor-suited Baby Doll who is committed to the Institution for Criminally Insane Girls in Short Skirts and Fishnets by her evil stepfather. Under the threat of impending lobotomy, Baby Doll (Emily Browning) drops in on a part of her brain that allows her to set off on a video-game quest for freedom by scoring four items (and an ambiguous fifth) to accomplish her mission. This serves as an excuse to get Baby Doll and her leggy posse to jump around in all sorts of WTF set-pieces that span time and genre. So we’ve got some giant stone samurai. A dragon and a B-25 bomber engaged in a dogfight. Zombie Kraut steampunk soldiers. And ass-kicking girls high-wire dancing through fireballs and hails of bullets. It’s a confusing stew if you give it too much though. But if you came to think, you paid for the wrong movie. Cinemark 14. Rated PG-13 C.B.