Stupid White Men

Three days after its release, Stupid White Men became No. 1 in book sales at, proving perhaps that film documentarian (Roger and Me, The Big One) and television iconoclast (TV Nation) Michael Moore is right on target with this latest book. A provocative indictment of the state of our nation and the Bush family regime, the book holds nothing back, and Moore’s facts seem impeccable (he includes notes and sources at the end of the book). Characterizing George W. as a “ne’er-do-well rich boy” and the cabinet as “his elderly henchmen,” Moore goes on to educate us while making us laugh out loud.

Written in the latter part of 2001, Stupid White Men exposes “Kenny Boy” Lay and Enron long before the house of cards came tumbling down, as well as Bush and his bought-and-paid-for cabinet’s connections to corporate America. Moore also names judges, including some on the Supreme Court, whose children have been given jobs with those very same corporations.

Polls indicate that 60 percent of Americans are "upset or angry"; Moore tells us why. A must-read book. Pass it on.