Storms of My Grandchildren

James Hansen

If the doomsday scenarios at the local Cineplex aren’t satisfying your need for fear, and if computer-generated disasters of the kind found in movies like 2012 just aren’t cutting it for you lately, you might want to dip into the real thing as delineated by Dr. James Hansen in the first book he’s ever written on the subject for which he is best known. Hansen is sometimes called the grandfather of global-warming science. He first broached the subject before Congress some three decades ago, and he’s been sounding an increasingly urgent tocsin ever since, warning us of the increasing precariousness of our situation as man-made pollutants interfere with the delicate balance of life on our planet. And now, when we have the carping chorus from the right, continually trying to discredit the abundant evidence of our plight, Hansen’s book couldn’t be more timely. Though the prospects are grim, Hansen provides a ray of hope. But that hope requires serious and immediate global action. If you care about your planetary home, and about the future, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Then be afraid, be very afraid.