Stone goes ghostbustin’

City councilman wants to outlaw the act of riding a bike while transporting another

If you see someone riding one bike while pushing another—aka “ghostriding”—who ya gonna call? The Chico police, Chico City Councilman Randall Stone hopes.

At the Sept. 15 City Council meeting, Stone (pictured) requested the council agendize discussions regarding three new ordinances he's proposing. In addition to an ordinance banning ghostriding, Stone wants to see new rules in place to disallow the dismantling of bicycles in public and regulate downtown parking between 2 and 7 a.m.

“A ghostriding ordinance would allow us to stop people and check ownership,” Stone said in a phone interview Tuesday. “The ultimate goal would be to get bicycles back into their rightful owners' hands. It could also help people become more aware of registration regulations, and make them more likely to comply.”

The council unanimously agreed to discuss Stone's ideas at a future meeting.