Still weird, Chico

Thankfully, our little city keeps life interesting

Arthur Lemner and the “Sun God” at the 2019 KCW Art Show.

Arthur Lemner and the “Sun God” at the 2019 KCW Art Show.

The CN&R’s 2020 Weird Issue—our annual celebration of Chico’s wild, fun and freaky side—once again shines the spotlight on the independent spirit of local creative types and free-thinkers, without whom our North Valley outpost would be a very dull place.

This year’s issue kicks off with a profile on Deryl Northcote, owner of Ultra Beautician salon, who has been styling the hair of local artists, musicians, hipsters, punks and other rebels for more than 20 years. Also featured is one of Chico’s busiest musicians, Heather Marie Ellison, an entertainer who injects a colorful sense of style and tons of energy into multiple musical projects. Last, we track down some of the over-the-top culinary oddities coming out of the kitchens of local restaurants.

Once again, the CN&R will roll out another edition of the Keep Chico Weird Art Show, March 19-22, at the 1078 Gallery (1710 Park Ave.). It will feature more than 50 pieces of weird local art—plus, during the reception next Thursday (March 19, 6-9 p.m.), local musicians and performance artists, including clowns (you’ve been warned), will join the party. Bonus performance: On the last day of the exhibit—Sunday, March 22—1078 will present an early afternoon concert (1-4 p.m., $7 cover) featuring four weird live music acts: Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots, from Japan; Gentlemen Surfer, from Sacramento; and XDS and Donald Beaman, both from Chico.