State of noncompliance

Police say pot growers not following city ordinance

It appears there are a lot of pot growers in Chico who aren’t following the city’s new cultivation ordinance. At least that’s what Sgt. Dave Britt with the Chico Police Department’s Target team reports.

“Just about all of them are not in compliance when we go,” said Britt, adding his team visits gardens only when neighbors complain about them.

Outdoor grows, which do not require a permit (though indoor grows do) must be limited to 50 square feet. Some people, Britt said, seem to have gotten the county’s cultivation ordinance—which is not in effect due to an upcoming referendum vote—and the city’s confused.

And as to the analogy he uses about a sheet of plywood (confused in the Enterprise-Record’s report Wednesday), “I tell people to think of a [4-by-8] sheet of plywood, then add 2 feet one way and 1 foot another—and that’s 50 square feet,” Britt clarified.

Right now, he’s not citing people, but rather educating them about how to grow legally.