Stage Fright - Motörhead


Meeting Motörhead head-on is akin to being run over by a gargantuan, biomechanical behemoth that, rather than rending the flesh from your bones, leaves you standing in the road with every fiber of your being vibrating with residual exhilaration. On the verge of its 30th anniversary the band has unleashed this double-DVD set which contains an entire live concert on one disc, and a second disc loaded with insightful—and funny—interviews with the band, road crew (including their personal cook), fans and video crew. It’s a great set. The concert video directed by Sven Offen (obviously a genuine fan of the band) spares no expense in bringing the live experience right into your living room—masterfully edited and shot with 29 cameras from every conceivable angle. The concert is a best-of mix plucked from the band’s long history, and the recording kicks ass. Like Lemmy sings/roars in the classic set-closer, “Overkill,” “Only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud, so good you can’t believe it’s screaming with the crowd.” A headbanger’s delight.