A fixture in the Chico music scene since 1992, the blues-based Hofner Brothers are bassist/vocalist Kirby DeSha, Bruce Rowen on harmonica/vocals, guitarist Scott “Ska-T” Pressman, keyboardist Roland Allen and Steve Bragg on the drums. On this well-paced disc they give their best shot on such blues classics as Willie Dixon’s “I’m Ready,” B.B. King’s “Bad Case of Love” and Jimmy Reed’s “Baby, What You Want Me to Do?” The most impressive player is the protean Pressman, who surprised me with his jazzy instrumental “Green God.” His consistently inventive solos are a real pleasure, as is Rowen’s harp work and the superb backing by the rhythm section. Allen, who gets in a few solo licks (great job on Walter Jacob’s “It’s Too Late, Brother”), provides obbligato that will entrance the careful listener. Seven of the songs top the five-minute mark, which means there’s a lot of well-deserved solo time for all hands.