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Hardcore metal/punk label Rotten Records isn’t as known for stellar re-issues as it is for being a prolific releaser of underground, hardcore punk and metal. Despite this comes a gem of a re-release from the nearly forgotten LA punk/metal fusion band Excel. Originally formed in ‘83 under the moniker Chaotic Noise, the band changed its name to Excel to reflect its new direction, one now known as speed metal. Excel was one of the first bands to mix the up-tempo punk beats with the heavy riffing associated with metal. But while other pioneers of the genre like Slayer, Anthrax and fellow Venice, Calif., rockers Suicidal Tendencies were getting all the attention, Excel proceeded to release three of speed metals greatest albums, one of them this ‘87 full-length debut. If you like crunching power chords, stop-on-a-dime transitions and music purveyed with no-nonsense old-school ethic, then this CD is for you. What is Excel up to now? Check them out on the web at www.excel-losangeles.com.