Speedy racer

Frank Condon

Photo By Tom Angel

Frank Condon, the owner of Speedy Burrito, is famous among senior runners. Condon’s dark skin, tanned by his training, may make people mistake him for a Hawaiian. Condon, 61, has run in the world masters’ competitions and holds two records for world championship games. He broke the records for the 800-meter and 1,500-meter in the 60-65 age division in the Huntsman World Senior Games in 2002.

What triggered you to run?

I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. At 11th grade I started racing with kids in the schoolyard. I noticed I ran faster than other kids. My freshman year in high school, a coach asked me to run a mile in gym class, and the coach wanted me to join me the track team. After that, I got a scholarship at Villanova University. In the 1960s, they were a track power. The university produced 31 Olympians over the years.

How did you do in the university?

My roommate and I competed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but only my roommate was on the Olympic team. But I went to see my roommate in Tokyo at my own expense.

Why continue to run?

I found it was an activity I really enjoyed. I found it was excellent for stress. I enjoy people I meet. But I never thought I would run in my 60s when I was in my 20s.

What is your goal?

My goal is to be in the world games as [long] as I can.

What do you get for winning?

Just trophies. I didn’t get money—no, nothing like that.

What records do you hold?

I set the world game records at 800 meters of men’s senior age, 60s, for two minutes 25 and 1,500 meters five minutes and 14.

What other activities do you do besides running?

We hike, snowshoe—probably work too much.

Any embarassing moments?

My worst experience is inviting a bunch of my friends to watch me run the race in Reno in 1996, and I came in last for [the] 800 meters [race]. My friends all said they wanted to take up running so they could run as slow as me to make me look [like] a good runner.